2017 Saigon 10's

Another weekend, another tournament! Over the weekend of the 12th and 13th of March the Bangers Colts and Belles decended on Saigon for some more top quality rugby (and maybe a beer or two!). Read the Colts tour report below:




Bangkok Bangers tour to Saigon

On Friday the mighty Bangkok Bangers left the big city of Bangkok to head to Saigon, Vietnam to take on the 25th Anniversary tournament of the Saigon Geckos. 
The tour started with the normal formalities with cold beers on the way to the Hotel and getting prepped for our pre game evening in the city of Ho Chi min.

One of our veterans of the Bangers took the lead in taking charge of the evening taking the Bangers for a traditional meal where we all cooked our own food and consumed a bunch of cold beers throughout the good feeding time together whilst all the tour rules were taking its toll and eventually everyone was in good sprits (except the French) to get the night started.

Game day, the roosters (Dillon and Manders) did a great job making sure everybody was at breakfast on time to do our pre game chats for heading to the field with everyone looking not so fresh after a great night of team bonding.

1st game – Bangkok Bangers vs Saigon Black

We all started a bit rusty in the 1st 3 minutes but as soon as the sweat form the night before was gone everyone decided to put their rugby heads on and began to gel as a solid team. 
Darryn scoring the opening try for the Bangers and making the conversion to get the tournament started. The Bangers squeezed in 2 more tries from Darryn and 1 from Laurens taking the lead to 17 – 0 with 3 minutes to go and a bit of tired legs allowed Saigon Black to squeeze to tries in towards the end. Final score 17 – 14 Bangers

2nd Game - Bangkok Bangers vs Saigon Japanese
Now that the cobwebs were gone the Bangers were well prepared for game 2 to take on the Saigon Japanese and the Bangers took the game with both hands and dominated from the 1st kick- off and did not allow the Japanese to get into the game. 2 quick tries form Jurgen to set a solid start for the Bangers taking the lead 14 – 0 at half time. As the 2nd half started Darryn went over to score 2 more and to seal the deal. But yet again fitness kicked in and the last 4 minutes the Japanese were fighting hard to get over the line and which they did but was just to late. Final score 26 – 5 Bangers.

3rd Game - Bangkok Bangers vs Hanoi

Coming off with a great win in the 2nd game the Bangers were in high sprits moving into the next one and which we had a great start. Going up by 2 tries in the 1st 7 minutes both scored by Darryn. 2nd half started with Hanoi squeezing in a try to close the gap to 12 – 7 within the first 2 minutes giving the Bangers a bit of a wake up call. With some great defense from the Bangers not allowing the Hanoi team into ur half and big tackles forcing the Hanoi team to make mistakes. In the last 2 minutes with some great communication between Darryn and Manders to set up another try for the Bangers and sealing the deal for the victory. Final score 17 – 5.

4th Game - Bangkok Bangers vs Saigon Red

This was always set to be our toughest game of the day and the Bangers were up for the challenge except we had a slow start letting the Saigon team get a easy try with some slow defense from the Bangers. But that did not get our heads down as we fought back like true solids with Dillon having a great run down the side line to put the ball under the sticks to level the level the scores. 1st half ended 7 – 5 to the Bangers. Fort the next 5 minutes of the 2nd half was a back to back fight from both teams fighting hard but then Darryn ran over the line to take the lead for another try for the Bangers and ending the game 14 – 5 to the Bangers.

Final Bangkok Banger vs Saigon (red, black, Japanese) 

So Saigon decided to pack their team for the final using the best from all 3 teams to take on the mighty Bangers to take them of their high horse but the Bangers were not scared of anything that would come towards them. 1st half started with Saigon scoring very quickly which woke the Bangers up. Going into the 2nd half losing 5 – 0. With only 5 minutes to go with some great defense from Dillon allowed Darryn to rip the ball from Saigon and run the distance to get a try and covert to take the lead. Unfortunately, due to the lack of our bench the Bangers got tired and let in 2 easy tries with Saigon taking the win 17 – 7.

Darryn – 9 tries, 9/12 conversions

Jurgen – 2 tries, 2/2 conversions

Dillon – 1 try

Laurens – 1 try

What a great tour and special thank you to Steve, Dillon, Matthieu, Thomas, Bas, Baptiste, Jurgen, Trevor, Kita, Manders, Laurens and Tates for attending this tour and making it great. Till the next one boys…
Darryn Mathee

2017 Bangkok International 10's

Well the dust has settled after a fantastic weekend of rugby at the Bangkok International 10's. The Bangers fielded 4 teams (Colts, Vets, Belles and Ancients) against some excellent opposition teams and everyone played some great rugby with all the teams doing the club proud.

Here are the results by team:


colts and Phuket

(Saturday Pool Games)
Brigalow Bushwackers 5-43
West Coast Drifters 12-7
Chaux De Fonds 19-12
(Sunday - Bowl)
Bowl Quarter Final v Phuket Vagabonds 10-5
Bowl Semi Final v Royal Thai Airforce 7-14



Vets and the CSP Legends

(Saturday Pool Games)
Phnom Penh Creaking Rahus 0-12
FAB’s 10-5
CSP Legends 0-47
(Sunday - Jug)
Jug Semi Final v Gakushi Old Boys 31-0
Jug Final v FAB’s 14-7





(Saturday Pool games)
Kampuchea Balopp 10-5
Vientainne Lions 0-0
Southerners Women 15-5
(Sunday - Cup)
Cup Semi Final v KL Tigers 5-0
Cup Final v Vientainne Lions 5-3

A full tournament report on the Belles can be found here



The Ancients produced some of the best strolling rugby of the weekend and a 0-0 draw with themselves, as it should be.




Bangers on Bikes 2017! Yangon to Bangkok

Merry Bangers,
The time for good resolutions has arrived ... For some of us, this is about participating in the traditional charity ride organised by the Old Bangkok Bangers Rugby Club. The Bangers on Bike Charity Ride has, for 8 years, succeeded in subsidising several NGOs worth 4 million bahts. For having visited several of their centres in Phuket and Bangkok, we know that this money is well invested and changed the lives of hundreds of children by buying school supplies, paying uniforms, school fees or even building a canteen and a small library named "Bangers on Bikes Dinning Hall". But there is still so much we can do...
This year, we will cycle from Yangon in Myanmar to Bangkok via the mountain range in central Thailand. The challenge is spread over 5 days with more than 1,000 km and 2 or 3 interesting hills. Cheery on the cake, we will start on the 19th of February from Yangon and plan to arrive on the 24th in Bangkok for the opening ceremony of the Bangkok International 10’s. Details of the route can be found here: https://www.plotaroute.com/routeprofile/343876
Each member of the group agrees to bring the equivalent of 30,000 baht knowing that the integrality of this money is going to the charities and that the expenses related to transport and logistics will be taken care of by the cyclists.
YOU can help us to accomplish this challenge and change lives by giving via an online pool at the following address (secure payment): https://www.lepotcommun.fr/pot/0k742jx7 . (French by default but you’ll find an English version at the bottom of the page.) Donations in cash or cheque (please make payable to the Old Bangkok Bangers by Chakrit Wongsakornraksa) can also be received by any of the BoB’s at our regular trainings.
If you’d like to know more about the 3 associations sponsored this year and how the money is invested, go here:
A brochure for corporate sponsorship is available and describes our history as well as the profile of each cyclist Https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_JKNEw0c6hOb0Z0cWNfdjBDV0U/view
Have a very good start of the year and special thanks to those who will support this cause. The biggest gift for all the riders is the smile of all these children to whom we give a chance in life and a hope for a happier future.
That’s all folks,


 (for any futher info please contact Thomas via his .


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