Colts Beat Kings College Students

The Banger Colts travelled to Kings College yesterday afternoon to play the Kings College students in a TRU competition game. And what a game it was. Building on last weeks win against Luk Pradu. the Colts comprehensively beat the King College students, winning 29-17.

From the kick off,  the Banger Colts looked the hungrier side.  Kings College to their credit battled bravely, but ultimately the Colts had the stars in their favour and clearly won the physical battle with their strong pack ensuring plenty of possession emphasised by five tries. Indeed the Colts scored within the first five minutes.  Midfield possession and clever ball play allowed the Colts to launch blitz after blitz on the students defence.

The Colts put the pressure on the students not letting them settle into the game and keeping them on their toes. The students were looking to get into the game but the Colts were not giving anything away. Each time however, the students tried to open up the game, the Banger defence repelled them.

The Banger backs were outstanding. Max had a superb afternoon at halfback frustrating his opposite number, Adrien Simon, James Potter and Dylan Bower worked their magic finding gaps in the student backline.  A truly fine back performance, in which every man played a full part. Kings College did have one strong asset Their kicker was brillant, potting penalites with consumate ease from around the field.

The referee had a field day with the whistle blowing up the Bangers for an array of "infringments" . In the second half he sent two Bangers to the sin bin and late in the stanza and while still two men down, marched the Bangers back with seven consectutive penalties. It is a mystery what all the penalties were for. The Colts did not react and held their composure.  

The end result was a fair score line. It could very easily have been more. The Colts they had the game wrapped up midway through the last period. Adrien Simon, the team skipper was heard to say after the game “The lads really dug in today, it was a fantastic all around team performance.”

A great afternoon for the squad and for the supporters who made the journey to the the Kings College ground Final Score : Banger Colts. 29 Kings College 17

Banger Ciltds v Kings College

Banger Colts v Kings College
Banger Colts v Kings College
Banger Colts v Kings College
 Banger Colts v Kings College
Banger Colts v Kings College
Banger Colts v Kings College
Banger Colts v Kings College
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