Colts Succumbed To Well Drilled Virijadudh Alumni

The Banger Colts campaign came down to earth with a bang, against Vijiradudh Alumni at  Vijiradudh College last weekend. They were beaten in titianic contest against the Thai alumni students 22 -17.

The Colts men were out of the blocks early, utilizing their large pack as they bulldozed the opposition, and after ten minutes were over for the first score of the match. The Bangers looked by far the stronger and their lively back line tore holes in the opposition defence. It was nearly fifteen minutes into the game before Vijiradudh gained a foothold

The alumni made breaks and were forcing the Colts to concede penalties, always in front and twenty meters from their goal posts. The Virijadudh kicker was on the mark with all kicks. The Colts disputed many of the penalites believing they were harshly treated by the referee. The penatly count against the Bangers at the end of the second stanza was north of twenty while the students were happy with three.

The Colts responded by changing their game plan refusing to engage in tackled ball on the ground where the penaties were occuring, instead asserted pressure in the lineouts and scrums. This gave them more than enough ball to handle. Virijadudh built their attacked on the tacked ball.

Long periods of the second half revolved around the middle of the park. Hard rugby with neither team dominating. Dylan Bower, the Sheraton Man Of The Match, had a magic game defending Banger territory from the student pentrating kicks. He ran them back weaving his way through the student defence. Kilea Fakaua and Jamie Patington, also had superb games taking on the best the students could throw at them. It was in the engine room however, were the Bangers really excelled. James Leach was outstanding in the lineout and the front row and loose forwards were everywhere. The Banger defence was as always, a trademark display.

In the closing stages of the match and with the glimmer of hope of the Colts might pull off the victory They were camped on the on the opposition line. However, the Vijiradudh defence stood firm and eventually play was bundled into touch. The Colts scored three tries to the students one however, it was not enough.

The ref blew his whistle shortly for full time. The students deserved the win. They played a smart kicking game and most importantly took their chances when they arose. Final Score : Vijiradudh Alumi 22, Banger Colts 17.

Colts v Vijiradudh

Colts v Virijadudh
Colts v Virijadudh
Colts v Virijadudh
Colts v Virijadudh
Colts v Virijadudh
Colts v Virijadudh
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