Southerners Nobble Colts In Soi 33 Cup Clash

In a tense game last Saturday afternoon at Patana International School, the Banger Colts were toppled by the Southerners to win the Soi 33 Cup. Whilst the Colts were very much up for this crucial game, the Southerners worked hard for their win also, dominating loose play at key intervals during the game.

Both clubs, unable to field their A sides, began the game at a frantic pace and were relentless in attack in the early exchanges. The Banger pack, came through with flying colours, securing ball time at kick offs and dropouts against the aggressive Southerners pack. The back row worked hard with Thomas Pouplin and Eddie Evans puttitng in workman like performances, Dylan Bower played superbly at half back, James Potter and Kilea Fakaua were a fistful in the centers and the wingers Israel Tan and Johnny Kamol and had impressive games on the wing.

The Bangers had opportunities however, the Southerners defence was excellent, snuffing out all threats. The Southerners enjoyed territory and possession that kept the scoreboard ticking over in their favour.

The second half was littered with breaks in the play for injuries to both sides. The Southerners were cleaning up in the loose and had the measure of Bangers in the early stages. Then out of the blue, after relentless Southerner pressure the Colts Sheraton Man Of The Match Benjamin Rawson stepped up to weave some magic. He scored a try in a superb solo display of pace and power that caught the opposition by suprise.

The try lasted five minute, as the referee was forced to reverse the decison after the Southerners challenge the score, claiming Benjamin was over the dead ball line when he scored the try. The Colts did not blink, took it on the chin and moved on

Ten minutes later Benjamin did it again, breaking through the Southerner defence dotting the ball under the post. This time the score was written in stone. After the try, the Colts were fired up, pouring the presssure hoping to score one more try to even the contest. The Southerners defence repelled everything the Colts could throw at them.

It was good contest between two expats rugby club where no quarter was given, The game could have gone either way. It was not easy handing over the Soi 33 Cup, which had been the Bangers cabinent for a couple of years. Both teams retired to the Banger clubrooms for post game beers. Probably one of the best nights the two clubs have ever enjoyed together. Final Score : Banger Colts 14, Southerners 20

Colts v Southerners

Colts v Southerners
 Colts v Southerners
Colts v Southerners
Colts v Southerners
Colts v Southerners
Colts v Southerners
Colts v Southerners
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