Virajavudh Thump Colts In Friendly

Last Saturday, a patched up Banger Colts played a friendly match against Varijavudh Alumni at Varijadudh College, a prelude to the SEA Cup Final against the Manila Nomads. It was not a great day for the Bangers, losing by a wide margin to the Thai students.

It probably did not help that the Colts were out to all hours celebrating Jeff Francois Klentzi's leaving Bangkok moving to Singapore party. Urban myth has it, the Bangers play their best rugby after a late night. It was not evident on Saturday.

The Banger Colts started competitively enough however, It prove a false dawn as their resistance slowly subsided. The Colts were unable to cope with Varijadudh's superior fitness. The rampant Alumni dominated key passages of play producing some terrific interplay between forwards and backs. With large number of interchange player, Varijavudh had the fresh legs and just starved the Colts of offensive opportunities.

There was no argument about the final scoreline. Varijadudh Alumni were sharper and faster in all areas, and made better use of the ball and kept the Colts under pressure all afternoon. The Colts did managed to score a try early in the second half after a stern talk from coach Jeff however, the flame was a brief flicker.

Adrien Simon, the Colts skipper, lamented his sides lack of discipline, composure, effort and willingness to do the things that made them one of the formidable teams in the Thai Rugby Union competition this year. This was not a game the Banger Colt would want to remember. Final Score : Varijavudh Alumni 59, Banger Colts 7.

Colts v Varijavudh

Colts v Varijavudh
Colts v Varijavudh
Colts v Virajavudh
Colts v Virajadudh
Colts v Virajavudh
Colts v Virajavudh
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