Rugby Warriors Return From Perth

The Bangkok Veterans, a multinational combination of rugby warriors on the wrong side of 35, participated in the recent Vintage Rugby Carnival in Perth, Western Australia. The old guard were back for their fourth appearance in this prestigious tournament.  There was alot of spade work, in organizing the group to go to Perth. Credit must go Jeremy Farebrother for the getting the tour off the ground and Tom Watters for choreographing activity on the ground in Perth.

Once signed and deposits collected, the fifteen strong tour party were looking forward to the great atmosphere that pervades these tournaments. Teams from all around the rugby planet add to the festive spirit. Tournament partying started before the plane got off the ground. Brian Sinclair Thompson hosted port and cigars at the Novotel Suvarnabhumi Airport

Large, small, quick, or slow there was a place for every Banger on the pitch in Perth. The sweat, the grunt, the Dunning sidestep, the occasional burst of speed, the smear of blood, the pep talks, and the arms clamped to shoulders, make rugby one of the last intensely male, broadly human team sport on the planet.

One thing we do know for sure, the Bangers put in an impressive performance in the beer infused socializing. It seemed like the they were more committed too this than the field matches. This was despite the harsh West Australian drinking laws. It was an exceptional week of teamwork, camaraderie and Old Bangkok Bangers rugby pride.

Vintage Rugby Carnival 2014

Vinatge Rugby Carnival Perth 2014
Vinatge Rugby Carnival Perth 2014
Vintage Rugby Carnival 2014
Vinatage Rugby Carnival Perth 2014
Vintage Rugby Carnival Perth 2014
Vintage Rugby Carnival Perth 2014
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