Bangers Belles Play Well in KL

The Banger Belles traveled to Kuala Lumpur for the recent Kuala Lumpur Tens. The Belles are known for injecting fun on their tours with rituals and this tour were no exception. Costumes, Tour Queens, Bitch Of The Pitch and Court Sessions were just some of the "What Happens On Tour Stays On Tour" routines.

After a late night and early breakfast, the Belles headed to the ground for their first match against the Singapore Bucks. The Belles played well with the defense keeping the Bucks on their ten meter line however, the oppressive Kuala Lumpur heat was taking its toll on the Belles and the Bucks managed to find a gap scoring a try and conversion. Whilst the Belles’ defense remained strong, the Bucks’ were a very fit team The Singapore ladies scores two more tries, converting both. The final score was Bucks 21-0.

The next game was against the Kuala Lumpur Tigers. Stung by the earlier loss, the Belles went straight on the attack. Great teamwork and good hands resulted in an early try for the Belles. The Belles continued to dominate, maintaining possession throughout most of the game, constantly driving the Tigers back. When the Tigers did gained possession, they couldn't break the Belles line. The Belles scored a second and final try, beating the Tigers 10-0.

The final game of the day was against the Bedock Kings from Singapore. The Belles fought hard and defended well throughout. Great tackles were not enough and the Kings managed to score, winning 10-0.

The Saturday night tournament party and inevitable night of fun in the entertainment district kept the Belles out late. The next day the Belles, a little worse for wear, headed back to the tournament ground  The first game kicked off against the Kuala Lumpur Cobras. The Belles had a great start, dominating the game. Excellent teamwork and good passing secured the Belles a 5-0 victory.

The next game had to be rescheduled due their return flight back to Bangkok. The Belles went straight back on to the pitch again and played the Kuala Lumpur Dingoes. Both teams were evenly matched. It was draw at full time. With no winner, play for another two minutes. The determined Belles gave it everything however, two games back to back took its toll on the bruised Belles. The Dingoes scored down the wing. Final score 5-0. It was an afternoon of great Belles tournament rugby. Douglas Bursill, the new Belles coach, has really helped the ladies since he come on board.

Exhilarated by the success of the tournament the Belles returned to Bangkok. Once a Belle, Always a Belle.

Banger Belles KL

Banger Belles KL
Banger Belles KL
Banger Belles KL
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