Banger Colts Play in Calcutta

Mike Swagger, Captain of the Banger Colts, in one of many alias - ice hockey player to movie actor - was in Calcutta recently as an actor shooting scenes for a new movie. Aside from the work assignment, Mike was also there to play a game of rugby for the Calcutta Cricket & Football Club (CCFC).

Through Eddie Evans, the Bangkok International Tens Chairman, the Old Bangkok Bangers were asked by the CCFC if they could help out with some players for their Calcutta Cup match against the Kolkata Jungle Crows. Mike was available and so was Kane Epati. Mike and Kane did their bit to contribute to a hard fought and close win over the Jungle Crows 19 - 13 and keep the magnificent trophy in the CCFC club rooms

The Calcutta Cricket & Football Club was founded in 1792. The club reeks of history and a good example of a British colonial institution that still works in Calcutta. It was in 1872 the first ever rugby match took place in Calcutta and was played by a group of rugby enthusiast of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Soon Calcutta caught on with the rugby enthusiasm, which led to the formation of the first Rugby club in India in 1874 and was named the Calcutta Football Club.

 In order to attract more players, the club offered free drinks to the rugby players !!!!. With the mounting cost this idea was soon dropped, which resulted in the drop in the numbers of players.

Within four years the Calcutta Football Club decided to wind up and a decision was made with the remaining club funds. The club funds were withdrawn in the form of silver coins, melted and re-cast into a trophy. The Calcutta Cup we see today is contested annually between England and Scotland and awarded to the winner. This contest has been an annual event since 1879.

Bangers In Calcutta

Bangers In Calcutta
Bangers in Calcutta
Bangers In Calcutta
Bangers In Calcutta
Bangers In Calcutta
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